November 02, 2019

Registration Status


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The re-designed, re-structured is live!  You are experiencing it, by reading it.  After a year+ of development, your website boasts improved navigation, sleek looks, and greater functionality.  A few things to keep in mind…

  1. Members can instantly access the Wiley site for Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound from the top right purple box on your dashboard.
  2. Important, but less traveled member resources are grouped according to membership status, examination details, awards & grants, and ACVR guidelines in the dropdown to the left of your dashboard.
  3. Members can filter interesting cases by Society Case of the Month, Past Exams, and Past Imaging Interpretation Sessions (including the session in Baltimore!).  Submission of Cases of the Month is simplified with a universal submission form.
  4. Instead of the term “Society-only” member to describe non-ACVR diplomates/residents registered to the site, we now call it, “Friends of the ACVR”.  Friends get one one society membership, navigation rights to the site, and a digital subscription to VRU journal.

Surf around and let us know what you think! The site is continually being updated so if you see something that was on the old site, but don’t see it on the new, we will have it migrated over the next few months.  If you think some data from the old site needs to be up sooner, let us know.