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Examination Committees | American College of Veterinary Radiology Examination Committees – American College of Veterinary Radiology

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Diagnostic Imaging

  • Dr. Stephanie Nykamp, Examination Director
  • Dr. Kenneth Waller, Assistant Examination Director
  • Dr. Jay Griffin, Chair
  • Dr. Michelle Fabiani
  • Dr. Cyrielle Finck
  • Dr. Chris Lamb
  • Dr. Marti Larson
  • Dr. Jane Lund
  • Dr. Nicholas Petrovich
  • Dr. Jaime Rechy
  • Dr. Jon Shiroma
  • Dr. Allison Zwingenberger, Ex-Officio, President-Elect

Radiation Oncology

  • Dr. Michael Kent, Examination Director
  • Dr. Lisa Forrest, Assistant Examination Director
  • Dr. Blaise Burke
  • Dr. Sioban Haney
  • Dr. Isabella Pfeiffer
  • Dr. Kim Selting

Equine Diagnostic Imaging 

Certifying Exam Committee Members

  • Dr. Myra Barrett (Chair)
  • Dr. Jay Griffin
  • Dr. Mathieu Spriet
  • Dr. Beth Biscoe
  • Dr.  Christine Gremillion
  • Dr. Stacy Aarvold
  • Dr. Timothy Manzi

Preliminary Exam Committee Members

  • Dr. Kate Wulster (Chair)
  • Dr. Kurt Selberg
  • Dr. Bob Cole
  • Dr. Meghann Lustgarten


Overview: The purpose of the Examination Committee is to create a robust and validated examinations. This includes writing, reviewing and validating questions for the preliminary and certifying examinations.

Length of Term: 3 years

Number Selected: TBD

Time Commitment:  100 hours per year