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The ACVR Foundation is a nonprofit organization devoted to the advancement of diagnostic imaging and radiation therapy procedures in animals. Contributions are tax deductible and may be directed to specific areas within the Foundation. The Foundation consists of board-certified veterinary radiologists and radiation oncologists who enhance and promote the highest quality service in diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology, optimize veterinary patient care, and advance the science of veterinary radiology and radiation oncology through research and education.

The mission of the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) Research and Educational Foundation is to improve health through research, education and practice in veterinary and comparative imaging and radiation oncology.

The ACVR encompasses the specialties of both diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology, and through the Foundation, utilizes the generous support of donors to fund research and educational opportunities for radiology residents and diplomates.

Veterinary imaging has changed over the years, from basic radiographic studies to the current state of the art imaging modalities including ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, and medical scintigraphy. Nearly any type of diagnostic imaging available in human medicine can be used for veterinary patients. In addition, minimally invasive image-guided procedures are used to treat many abnormalities that once required surgery.

ACVR board-certified veterinary radiologists may enter academic or private specialty practice, performing and interpreting imaging studies, and importantly, training veterinary students, interns and radiology residents. They are experts in diagnosing and treating animal disease using diagnostic imaging procedures. Some radiologists will enter a teleradiology service, interpreting imaging studies for practitioners. Many ACVR radiologists provide continuing education to veterinary practitioners at local, national, and international meetings.

ACVR board-certified veterinary radiation oncologists are experts in the treatment of cancer using ionizing radiation, prolonging the life of your pet. Radiation oncologists use many types of radiotherapy procedures to treat cancer including the injection radioactive materials, placing radioactive implants, or using external beam radiation. They also may enter academic or private specialty practice and provide training to veterinary students, interns and radiation oncology residents. ACVR radiation oncologists also provide continuing education to veterinary practitioners at local, national, and international meetings.

Imaging is essential in the diagnostic workup of most of our veterinary patients. Radiotherapy is essential to treat many types of cancer in animals. Money donated to the ACVR Foundation will be used to fund cutting-edge research to improve the imaging techniques and cancer treatment available for your pet.

To help by making a donation, UNDER CONSTRUCTION. In the meantime, if you would like to donate, please contact administration at [email protected]