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  • Dr. Anthony Fischetti, Webmaster, Chair
  • Dr. Rob McLear, Deputy Webmaster
  • Dr. Leanne Magestro, Secretary, Assistant Chair (5)
  • Dr. Erin Porter (1)
  • Dr. Maria Evola (1)
  • Dr. Aisha Young (1)
  • Dr. Swan Specchi (2)
  • Dr. Christina Copple (2)
  • Dr. Matt Arkans, RO (2)
  • Dr. Adrien Hespel, Ex-Officio, Chair, Committee for Public Relations
  • Dr. Siobhan Haney, Ex-Officio, ACVR Treasurer
  • Dr. Kate Alexander, Ex-Officio, ACVR President
  • Dr. Tom Nyland, Ex-Officio, Past Webmaster/Secretary
  • Dr. Nate Nelson, Ex-Officio, President Elect


Overview: The purpose of this committee is to provide advice and feedback for improving the website, to solicit comments from ACVR members on use of the website, and to respond to the Webmaster’s requests for evaluation of new website features as they are contemplated/requested/assessed/developed.

Length of Term: 4 members serving 4 year terms, ACVR Webmaster and Assistant Webmaster serving 3 year terms; at least 1 ACVR-RO member.

Number Selected: 6 members

Time Commitment:  ~25 hours per year (more for the Webmaster and Assistant Webmaster)