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2020 ACVR Virtual Meeting – Info on getting CE credit

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It’s A Wrap!!!

Thank you for joining ACVR for the first ever Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting. A special thanks to the loyal Sponsors and Exhibitors who joined us on this new path.  Please look out for a conference survey in your email. Let ACVR know your true feelings on your meeting experience. Your voice will help ACVR to continue to forge ahead in a virtual capacity.
Check out the meeting library for archived lectures from this virtual conference. Check out Event Recap for prior ACVR meetings.

How does CE credit work?

Abstracts – Abstracts are currently available for on demand access. After the abstract is viewed, you will be asked to answer questions to meet RACE requirements. ABSTRACT RACE CERTIFICATE IS DOWNLOADABLE FROM THE LIBRARY.

CE Lectures – CE Lectures are now available on demand in the Library. ACVR is applying for NON-INTERACTIVE RACE for these sessions post “live” meeting.  THE NON-INTERACTIVE CERTIFICATE IS NOT YET AVAILABLE BUT WILL BE DOWNLOADABLE FROM THE LIBRARY.

CE Lectures – If you watched these lectures during the week of October 19-23 and did not download the INTERACTIVE RACE CERTIFICATE during the meeting. Please email acvr@pamedsoc.org for a copy.


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October 25 - October 28, 2023

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