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434 Prospect Boulevard
Frederick, MD 21701
Phone: 301-288-8141

Synergy Veterinary Imaging Partners provides high QUALITY OF LIFE, COMPENSATION, and COLLABORATION amongst its radiologists.

We are a young, rapidly growing, independent, radiology-specific company that works within emergency/specialty hospitals. Our cooperative work schedule is designed to provide a healthy work-life balance where we strive to prevent burn-out that radiologists often encounter working for a larger corporate setting. Our compensation structure also emphasizes the radiologists’ value that we provide to our emergency and specialist colleagues as well as our referring community. Our web-based server gives our radiologists an ability to collaborate with one another on some of those odd cases where having a second set of supportive eyes is invaluable. Flexible full-time or part-time opportunities are available. We are in multiple locations and growing, so there are many opportunities through the Washington DC and Metro areas!

Special thanks to Synergy Veterinary Imaging Partners as a 2018 Silver Sponsor.