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Dr. Seth Wallack


Professional Statement

Seth Wallack, DVM, DACVR- Moving from the east coast, Dr. Wallack did his veterinary school and radiology residency training at UC Davis in California. He moved to San Diego in 2002 and started a mobile ultrasound practice. Over the next 3 years he grew that mobile practice into a free-standing outpatient imaging center, Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego, Inc., with a singular goal of keeping the radiologist relevant to his mobile clients via web based technology. In 2004, Dr. Wallack built his predecessor teleconsulting platform, DVMinsight, and learned as much of what not to do, as what to do when developing a useful teleconsulting platform in the future. After creating his first teleconsulting platform, Dr. Wallack turned his attention to the need for web streaming liver ultrasounds for mobile clients and training veterinary sonographers. Dr. Wallack founded the American Association of Veterinary Radiologists as a training organization in 2007. and was granted a patent for real-time ultrasound streaming in veterinary medicine in 2012. In 2010, Dr. Wallack began development on his current teleconsulting platform, Vetology. Vetology encompasses his vision of organizing and deduping disparate veterinary data into one useable platform for all veterinarians to use. In 2016, Dr. Wallack realized that the current web based technology would not meet the veterinary radiology demands of North America so he began working on artificial intelligence for veterinary radiology, Vetology AI. In late 2017, Vetology.ai was launched for worldwide use with an AI based radiograph image matching process. Since then, Dr. Wallack and the Vetology.ai team have been at the forefront of veterinary radiology AI work and are the first in the world to release a canine thoracic radiology AI product that autonomously identifies and reads the thorax, delivering a radiology evaluation back to the DVM within minutes. The Vetology platform also incorporates the patient medical information and in the near future will include disease probability based on a patient's age, breed, sex, location and diagnostics performed. Dr. Wallack is also the author of "The Handbook of Veterinary Contrast Radiography" and still practices full-time at the Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego, Inc.