11-year-old castrated male Domestic Medium Hair

2016 Image Interpretation Session - Case 4

  • One month of inappetence, lethargy, respiratory wheezes, loss of voice.
  • CBC and chemistry panel are show no significant abnormalities; the cat is FeLV and FIV negative.

Soft Tissue with Contrast

  • Generalized airway thickening with peritracheal and peribronchial soft tissue proliferation and regional lymphadenopathy.
  • Concurrent non-destructive rhinosinusitis.
  • Bronchial wash showed mixed inflammation with lymphocyte proliferation.
  • Rhino/tracheo/bronchoscopy was performed and biopsies were taken.
  • Histopathology revealed laryngeal, tracheal and bronchial lymphoma.
  • Patient underwent chemotherapy.
  • 2016case4-pretreatment-jpg-jpg
  • 2016case4-posttreatment-jpg-jpg
    6 weeks post-treatment
  • 2016case4-pretreatment2-jpg1-jpg
  • 2016case4-posttreatment1-jpg-jpg
    6 weeks post treatment
  • 2016case4-pretreatment3-jpg-jpg
  • 2016case4-posttreatment3-jpg-jpg
    6 weeks post treatment
  • 2016case4-pretreatment4-jpg-jpg
  • 2016case4-posttreatment2-jpg-jpg
    6 weeks post treatment
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