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Friends of the ACVR (Society Members)

Eligibility for membership in ACVR’s special interest societies is open to anyone with an interest in the goals and objectives of each society. Veterinarians or non-veterinarians with an interest in Ultrasound, CT/MRI, Nuclear Medicine, or Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging can join one or more of the ACVR Societies. Please see ACVR Membership Categories for a definition of each type of ACVR membership. Each Society maintains an email listserver for discussion of topics related to each specialty. You must be a member of the Society to belong to its list.

Friends of the ACVR Membership Benefits

  • Society email list with communication and networking opportunities between members with similar interests
  • Case-based learning materials authored by society members
  • Subscription to the journal of Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound (VRUS). Includes online access, as well as all online back issues. Also includes access on your mobile device using the journal app.
  • Updates, discussions and cases on social networking sites
  • Reduced registration fees for the annual ACVR conference
  • Keynote speakers sponsored by the societies at the annual ACVR conference
  • Wiley-Blackwell currently offers a 35% Discount on all book titles for ACVR Society Members. See details in the individual Society Sections after you join one or more ACVR Societies!

Sample Society Cases of the Month

Society Membership Fees

Membership to any society requires a Friends of the ACVR membership fee of $120, granting you access to one society.

Additional societies can be purchased ala carte for $30 after the initial Friends of the ACVR membership fee.

  • ACVR AND ECVDI DIPLOMATES– Requires payment of Society fees only ($30 each) since you already receive the Journal. See ‘Additional Information’ below to join or add a Society.
  • ACVR RESIDENTS– You already receive membership to ALL societies and the Journal once you have paid your resident dues.
  • ALL OTHERS– A Friends of the ACVR membership ($120) grants digital access to VRUS and one society membership of your choice.


Additional Information

  • ACVR Diplomates/ECVDI Diplomates –You only need to pay Society fees since you already receive the Journal as part of your membership fees. Contact the ACVR Webmaster using the Contact Us email if you cannot access the dashboard to pay society fees, but you feel that you are otherwise up-to-date with membership dues.
  • Journal Subscription– You are entitled to only the on-line subscription.  The print journal is considered an additional product (+$120).
  • If you already have a personal Journal subscription– If you are not an ACVR member or ECVDI Diplomate and have a personal Journal subscription, you will need to cancel your original subscription to avoid duplicate subscriptions. We have no access to or control over Wiley’s direct subscriber information and cannot do this on your behalf. Please contact the ACVR Webmaster using Contact Us email or Wiley Customer Service to expedite canceling your original Journal subscription once you have joined one or more of the ACVR Societies.