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  • Polyuria and polydipsia of 2-month duration; lethargy; elevated alkaline phosphatase, ALT, AST and cholesterol.
  • Stippled mineralized mass arising from the right 12th rib.
  • Loss of serosal detail with mass effect in the right cranial and mid to dorsal abdomen.
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  • Rib mass was aspirated.
  • A large heterogeneous, poorly vascularized mass in the right cranial abdomen, abutting the liver (right adrenal and pancreas not identified).
  • A CT showed an aggressive right 12th rib mass and complex right adrenal mass.
  • Rib resection, diaphragmatic advancement and abdominal mass removal were performed.
  • Histopathology revealed a chondrosarcoma of the right 12th rib and a right adrenal cortical carcinoma.