DI Certifying exam – CT Case – intermittent lameness

CT Case - intermittent lameness

Signalment: 1-year old female Newfoundland

History: intermittent thoracic lameness for 8 months signs have got progressively worse; dog is stiffer after exercise or rest bilateral elbow effusion, decreased range of flexion and pain on manipulation of both elbows

List the most important imaging findings.

List, in order of priority, the most likely differential diagnosis(es) and how these relate to the clinical signs.




Key Findings:

  • Major
    • Bilateral fragmentation of medial coronoid processes
    • Large periarticular osteophytes
  • Minor
    • Humeral subchondral lesions (‘kissing lesions’), larger on right
    • Ulnar sclerosis
  • Absolutely incorrect findings:
    • humeral condylar fissure


Key Synthesis:

  • Bilateral chronic elbow arthritis
  • Secondary to medial coronoid disease
  • Absolutely incorrect differential diagnosis: humeral condylar fissure, erosive arthropathy