Veterinary Ultrasound Society

12-year-old male neutered mixed breed dog

Presented for elevated liver enzymes

Left adrenal gland

Right adrenal gland

Right phrenicoabdominal vein

There is an approximately 3.8 cm lobulated right adrenal mass with punctate mineralizations throughout. The mass invades the caudal vena cava with an intraluminal portion that occupies approximately 75% of the lumen. Caudally, the lesion extends into the left phrenicoabdominal vein, and thrombosis or tumor tissue within the left phrenicoabdominal vein can be seen extending over the left adrenal gland which is moderately enlarged as well but smoothly margined.

Adenocarcinoma and pheochomocytoma are the primary differential diagnoses for this lesion, the patient was lost to follow up.