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  • Presented to our emergency service for restlessness, panting, and discomfort; two episodes of vomiting in the previous week.
  • On physical exam, the dog had a tense painful abdomen and was tachycardic/panting.
  • Ultrasound was performed to further evaluate these clinical signs and history.
  • An irregular hypoechoic mass is present in the right mid-abdomen
  • The mass has vascular markings (color doppler)
  • Part of the mass is continuous with a gas interface. The gas interface is thin walled and can be followed to the ileocolic junction.
  • Cecal mass
    • Consider neoplasia (GIST, leiomyoma, leiomyosarcoma, other). Granuloma and abscess less likely; adhered lymph node (lymphadenopathy) cannot be ruled out.
  • Mass removed surgically; histology revealed either leiomyosarcoma or GIST. IHC consistent with GIST.
  • The dog died post-op, the cause of death is unknown.