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  • Several fluid filled cystic structures in the abdominal cavity with a thin wall. The contents of these structures are not contrast enhancing.
  • Prostatomegaly.
  • The cystic structures were removed.
  • The cystic structures had histopathology which showed a broad rim of low cellular connective tissue. Within the lumen of these structures there were few neutrophils and acellular, necrotic debris. The demarcation between the connective tissue and the adjacent tissue showed marked mix cell infiltration with numerous neutrophils and fewer macrophages, plasma cells and lymphocytes were found. A proliferation of granulation tissue was found. The inflammation reached into the adjacent adipose tissue.
  • The origin of these cystic structures remains unclear because no organotypical structures were evident.
  • Nevertheless ascending inflammation into preexisting structures remain possible.
  • Small sample of the prostate revealed prostatic hyperplasia.