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7-year-old male neutered Domestic Shorthair Cat

Presented for a 2-3 day history of lethargy and decreased appetite.

  • vus_com_november_2014_rad3
    Right kidney - transverse
  • vus_com_november_2014_rad4
    Right kidney - longitudinal (measures 8.74 cm)
  • us_com_3
    Left kidney - transverse
  • vus_com_november_2014_rad5
    Left kidney - longitudinal (measures 5 cm)
  • vus_com_november_2014_rad7
    Right kidney
  • vus_com_november_2014_rad8
    Right kidney
  • vus_com_november_2014_rad9
    Left kidney
  • vus_com_november_2014_rad10
    Left kidney
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  • The right kidney is markedly enlarged at 8.74 cm. Normal feline renal length is up to about 4.5 cm. The right kidney has mild renal pelvic dilation (green arrow), with an irregular subcapsular hypoechoic rim (orange arrow). Renal architecture is poorly defined and disorganized.
  • The left kidney is moderately enlarged (5 cm), with mildly irregular renal cortex, mild pelvic dilation (green arrow), and a hypoechoic subcapsular rim (orange arrow).

A fine needle aspirate was obtained from the right kidney. The cytologic diagnosis was renal lymphosarcoma. Although the left kidney was not sampled, the lymphoma is likely bilateral.


Renal lymphosarcoma typically results in enlarged, hyperechoic kidneys, often with abnormal architecture due to neoplastic infiltration. The hypoechoic subcapsular rim is frequently seen with renal lymphoma.