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  • 10 year-old male, intact aardvark
  • Prior history of tail tip trauma, surgically managed and resolved
  • Acute swelling/bruising of the left pelvic limb, slowly partially resolving, but various in size over time
  • Anemic
  • No other cutaneous bruising identified


CT angiogram, pre-contrast, transverse images

Compute tomographic angiogram, arterial phase, transverse images

CT angiogram, arterial phase, dorsal images

CT angiogram, venous phase, transverse images

What's Your Diagnosis?

Be sure to watch the Image Interpretation Session on Saturday, October 23, part of ACVR’s 2021 Virtual Meeting.  Dr. Samantha Loeber, University of Wisconsinwill be presenting this case along with the session’s MC, Dr. Le Roux.

Post Meeting Answers


Biopsy of the mass: blood



  • Pseudoaneurysm with large hematoma