Case 2: 6-year-old, female spayed DSH

Indoor/outdoor; acute dyspnea

  • 6-year-old, female spayed, domestic short-haired cat
  • indoor/outdoor
  • Acute dyspnea, no history of trauma

Evaluate the three-view thoracic radiographs in the above carousel. Radiographic images Courtesy of Dr. Fernando Cavaletti.


What's Your Diagnosis?

  • Oval, thin-walled, gas filled structure at the level of the mid portion of the intrathoracic portion of the trachea.
  • Dx: Tracheal avulsion and diverticulum. Rare disease, likely result of a cervical or thoracic blunt trauma. The focal avulsion with the presence of an intact tracheal adventitia creates the diverticulum. May have delayed clinical signs.


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