Case 3: 9-year-old, male neutered, standard poodle

Acute onset of regurgitation & nausea

  • 9-year-old, male neutered, Standard Poodle dog
  • Acute onset of regurgitation and difficulty swallowing
  • Bilateral CN IX, X, XI deficits, & left CN XII deficit

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What's Your Diagnosis?

  • Contrast-enhancing soft tissue swelling at the level of the right retropharyngeal region and base of the tongue, containing small angular T1w hypointense structures.
  • Dx: Lingual abscess with inner wooden foreign bodies. Fusobacterium nucleatum was isolated in the aerobic culture.
  • Additional finding: Chronic thalamic infarct in dorsolateral nucleus, which is an incidental finding on this case, not related to the clinical signs of the patient.

Answers will be posted after the Image Interpretation Session, live and in-person in Reno, scheduled for 10:30AM Thursday, October 20, 2022.


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