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  • 2-year old, FS, Golden Retriever dog
  • Recurrent regurgitation & nausea
  • Dietary indiscretion
  • Possible hypoadrenocorticism
  • Recent exploratory laparotomy

Evaluate the SIX abdominal radiographs (two LLAT, two RLAT, two VD) and two still ultrasound images above in the image carousel; also, see the ultrasound videos below…


What's Your Diagnosis?

  • Segmental small intestinal dilation with multifocal areas of accumulation of granular mineral opaque content within the small intestines.
  • Dx: Intestinal leiomyositis, causing repeated pseudo-obstructions. This is a rarely reported, suspected autoimmune disorder that affects the intestinal motility. This disease is regarded as unresponsive to medical management, and is associated with a grave prognosis, according to one case series involving six dogs (Zacuto et al., 2016).


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