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Seven year old female cat.  Lethargy and weight loss. Soft stool noted by the veterinarian.

List the most important imaging findings. List, in order of priority, the most likely differential diagnosis(es) and how these relate to the clinical signs.


• Thickening of the wall of the most proximal aspect of the descending colon with associated consistent attenuated gas pattern within the lumen of the colon at this level


• Flattening of the caudal pole of the left kidney.

– Mural infiltrative disease of the proximal descending colon responsible for the patient’s clinical signs.

Differential Diagnosis:

1) Neoplasia (Round cell neoplasia, Carcinoma/Adenocarcinoma

2) Fungal disease – eg. Histoplasmosis

3) Bacterial colitis – severe

In addition to chronic infarct caudal pole of the left kidney (incidental)