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Signalment: 1 day old M Herford Calf

History: 1 week premature with normal parturition. Noted difficulty breathing 18 hours post parturition. PE: tachypnea and increased lung sounds on both right and left sides. Radiographs made 24 hours after parturition

List the most important imaging findings.

List, in order of priority, the most likely differential diagnosis(es) and how these relate to the clinical signs.




Key Findings:
• Diffuse unstructured interstitial to alveolar pattern (worse caudodorsally)


Key Synthesis:
• Non cardiogenic pulmonary edema is most likely (ddx: respiratory distress syndrome, hyaline membrane disease, lack of functioning surfactant)
• Other possibilities: septic pneumonia, bacterial or viral pneumonia, upper airway obstruction – is less likely and not required to be included