The following ACVR Resident Grants were funded for the 2022 cycle. Congratulations!

Funded by the ACVR Foundation

Dr. Catana Capps of Mississippi State University – Ultrasonographic appearance of the spleen of growing kittens using a high frequency linear transducer. Drs. Alison Lee and Marc Seitz, ACVR Diplomate mentors

Dr. Michael Schettler of Auburn University – The effects of alfaxalone on cardiac and pulmonary vascular size in cats evaluated by thoracic radiography and echocardiography. Dr. Merrilee Holland, ACVR Diplomate mentor

Dr. William Stevenson of Mississippi State University – Predicting malignancy of splenic nodules and masses in dogs by assessing vascular patterns using B-flow, color Doppler, and power Doppler. Drs. Marc Seitz and Alison Lee, ACVR Diplomate mentors


Funded by the ACVR Ultrasound Society

Dr. Victoria Van of Louisiana State University – Validating shear wave elastography to determine liver stiffness in cats. Dr. Nathalie Rademacher, ACVR Diplomate mentor.