ACVR Equine Diagnostic Imaging Certifying Examination

Dr. Stepjhanie Nykamp, EDI Examination Director

  • Now that the ACVR EDI is approved as a Recognized Veterinary Specialty, the next steps are to start credentialing  and certifying new diplomates.  The American Board of Veterinary Specialists (ABVS) no longer permits grandfathering of any members into new veterinary specialties, so ACVR diplomates wishing to obtain diplomate status in Equine Diagnostic Imaging will be required to pass the certifying examination.
  • All existing ACVR diplomates are eligible to take the EDI certifying examination.  This opportunity will be available for the next three years after which the complete examination process for residency trained candidates will be required (Preliminary and Certifying examination).
  • Thanks to the hard work of the EDI examination committee the first administration of the Certifying examination will be given on October 29th, 2019 at the Hilton Baltimore, Baltimore, MD (the site of this year’s ACVR Meeting).  Any Council Members who wish to take the exam can take it on October 30, 2019. The examination will consist of two, 3-hour sessions with 20 cases per session.  The case distribution will be based on the attached examination blueprint.  The examination will be administered using and on-line platform (ExamSoft).  The case information and answer entry will be through ExamSoft but the native image files will be made available outside the platform for better image resolution.  Images will be presented in JPEG or video files.  Computers and dual monitors with appropriate resolution will be provided.
  • See the ACVR Examination Homepage for more information.
  • If you wish to register for this examination please do so at
  • The registration fee for the examination is $500 and can be paid at
  • The Equine Diagnostic Certifying Examination Content Outline is available at:
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