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Awesome Training Video in Radiation Safety

The University of Saskatchewan recently published this excellent article in VRU

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The video describes how to use radiation shielding if you must manually restrain an animal during a radiography examination. Federal guidelines in the United States and Canada recommend that individuals should avoid regular manual restraint of animals for radiographs, but if you must do so, it’s important to follow these guidelines that are designed to protect your health.

The video is the focus of a manuscript by the University of Saskatchewan titled “A 7-minute video training intervention improves worker short-term radiation safety behavior during small animal diagnostic radiography”, published in Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound.  Thank you Drs. Freitas, Koehncke, Waldner, Belotta, Lanovaz, and Mayer.



7 minute video on radiation safety in small animal radiography, courtesy of the University of Saskatchewan