Examination Results

Congratulations 2022 ACVR-DI & -EDI Diplomates

The ACVR-DI and -EDI certifying exams were administered in August

ACVR-DI Certifying Exam Results – 2022

The following candidates successfully completed the certifying exam and are now diplomates…

  • Andrew Ryan Adezio, University of Pennsylvania
  • Gabriela Nicole¬† Baers, Missouri University
  • Jamie Joy Balducci, Tufts University
  • Zachary Taylor Bassett, Texas A&M University
  • Ariel Larissa Brody, Colorado State University
  • Erica Chavez-Peon Berle, Kansas State University
  • Maura C. Cicci, NC State University
  • Alexandra G. Collins-Webb, Oregon State University
  • Patricia DeBow, University of Tennessee
  • John A. Dwan, Oregon State University
  • Kreig P. Embriano, Auburn University
  • Esther Gu Farber, NC State University
  • Sydney Lawrence Gibson, University of Pennsylvania
  • Julia Louise Graham, Tufts University
  • Jose Miguel Guerrero Cota, UC Davis
  • Erin C. Hennessey, Kansas State University
  • Kelsey Marie Jorge, Wisconsin University
  • Christopher Ryan Koester, University of Pennsylvania
  • Daniel Benjamin Lantz, Ohio State University
  • Amy Elizabeth Larkin, Western College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Gwendolyn Joan Levine, Texas A&M University
  • Sarah Kathryn Lumbrezer Johnson, Ohio State University
  • Shanna Christine Marroquin, Mississippi State University
  • Samantha Marie Miles, Louisiana State University
  • Andrea Teresa Miranda Merly, Auburn University
  • Aaron Joseph Percival, Cornell University
  • Robert Tyrrell Slater, UC Davis
  • David G. Suarez-Fuentes, University of Florida
  • Amy B. Todd-Donato, Cornell University
  • Molly Edah Viner, Wisconsin University
  • Morgan L. Woodard, MedVet
  • Victoria Young, Colorado State University

ACVR-EDI Certifying Exam Results – 2022

In equine news, the following candidates passed the recent exam and are now diplomates…

  • Kathryn Wulster
  • Meghann Lustgarten
  • Robert Kramer
  • Elizabeth Acutt

On behalf of the exam committee and executive council, congratulations to ALL new Diplomates of the ACVR!!!


Stephanie Nykamp, DVM, MSc, Dipl. ACVR
Exam Director, ACVR
Associate Professor, Diagnostic Imaging
Ontario Veterinary College