Examination Results

Congratulations 2022 ACVR-RO Diplomates

The ACVR-RO exam was administered August 31-September 2, 2022

ACVR-RO Examination Results – 2022

The following candidates successfully completed the radiation oncology exam and are now diplomates…

  • Hayley Lyn Ashworth, Missouri University
  • Theodore Reginald Chang, Colorado State University
  • Evan James Ducker, University of Georgia
  • Joshua Glenn Henry, Cornell University
  • Maximilian Körner, University of Zurich, alternative
  • Steven John Moirano, University of Wisconsin, Veterinary Care
  • Alicja Izabela Reczynska, Colorado State University
  • Jean Margret Rogers, The Animal Medical Center
  • Sarah Denise Saad, UC Davis
  • Erin Elizabeth Trageser, Colorado State University
  • Maegan Watson-Skaggs, NC State University
  • Jennifer Lynn Yee, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

On behalf of the exam committee and executive council, congratulations to ALL new Diplomates of the ACVR!!!


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