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Encourage Students, Interns and Residents to Submit a Case of the Month!

Hello ACVR:

Please consider having your vet student, intern, or resident submit a case of the month to one of ACVR’s societies! A Case of the Month is a wonderful way for prospective residents to increase visibility of their names in the ACVR. It’s also a quick and easy way to give resumes a bump. Turnaround times for publishing on the website are MUCH shorter than a JAVMA What’s Your Diagnosis? And let’s face it, a case report that is “In Preparation” is a bunch of bull for any Residency Director reading a resume. If your student/intern does not belong to an ACVR Society as a Friend of the ACVR, we are willing to give them ONE YEAR FREE digital access to if they provide us with a publishable Case of the Month…. What a bargain! Just have them contact the webmaster ( Once they are Friends of the ACVR, they can Submit a Case Study.

For Diplomates, a COM provides 3 points for Maintenance of Certification if you are first author and 1 point if you are a co-author. It’s also a great way to show off your CT/MR or ultrasound image quality! Most importantly, it’s a great way to share your knowledge with the rest of the ACVR. These cases beat the pants off of the 80 “Normal Thorax” or “Consider Enteritis” cases you read all day long.

Take a look at prior Cases of the Month to check out the cases already provided. Even if your case only uses radiographs, WE CAN FIND A WAY TO PUBLISH IT! If the diagnosis is known and the radiographs are great, we can place it in a miscellaneous category, not affiliated with the modality-specific societies. Again, contact the webmaster to figure something out.

Happy Summer, and please consider mentoring your wanna-be radiologist with an ACVR Case of the Month!!

– Anthony Fischetti and the ACVR Society Presidents


LS transitional vertebrae with hip dysplasia in a German Shepherd