How To: Renew Your Memberships on

An important overview of the membership renewal process on

With the transition to our new database almost complete, it is time to renew your ACVR membership(s) online! A few important notes:

  1. If you have been struggling to gain access to resources on our website, it is likely because your membership has lapsed! The video below shows you how to review and renew your memberships.
  2. Due to the transition to the new database, we are NOT currently applying new reactivation/late fees to users’ membership accounts. We will provide notice to users once these fees are reapplied.
  3. The auto-renew feature from the old website DID NOT transfer to our new database. You will have to set up a new automatic renewal in your membership portal. This video shows you how to do so.
  4. Finally, if your membership automatically renewed in the Fall 2023 but you do not see that reflected on your account, please email to have this issue investigated.

The brief video below lays out a step-by-step process on membership renewal:

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video, and for navigated the hiccups of our transition to the new database! More “How To” videos will be coming soon for some of the new features on our website.


ACVR Administrative Staff