In Memoriam- Dr. Ellis Madison Hall: First African-American DACVR

Dr. Ellis Hall - First African American Diplomate of the ACVR

Dr. Ellis Madison Hall (TUSVM), Class of 1956, and a professor emeritus passed away on August 4, 2021, at 91 years young from Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Hall’s life philosophy was “to stay in His (Master’s) will and do the right thing.” Dr. Hall was noted for his efforts in helping the Lumbee Indians of Robeson County, North Carolina. He received his DVM from Tuskegee; he had an MS in veterinary surgery from The Ohio State University, MS degree in veterinary radiology, and PhD in radiation biology from Colorado State University.

Dr. Hall was the first African American board-certified veterinary radiologist in the ACVR. He mentored Dr. Ruby Perry, the first African American female Diplomate in the ACVR, as well as many others. He will be missed.


Dr. and Mrs. Hall on Lumbee tribute float during the homecoming celebration parade (Houston Style Magazine, Oct 2021)

Dean Ruby Perry and Dr. Ellis Hall with TUSVM members of the Lumbee Tribe.