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New ACVR Society – ZEWDIS!

We are happy to introduce your brand new ACVR society - Zoo, Exotic, Wildlife Diagnostic Imaging Society.

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    Courtesy of University of Florida
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    Courtesy of University of Florida
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    Hawk bone foreign bodies ingestion
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Hello All!

Welcome to a new collective of imaging enthusiasts advancing diagnostics and care for non-domestic species large and small. The imaging world for zoo, exotic, and wildlife species is a vast opportunity of growth and learning. We will be known as ZEWDIS for short. Our aims are to grow the imaging knowledge and enrich our exposure/experience with ZEW species.

ZEWDIS is a society for you. We will be a community for both the experienced imager of zoo, exotic, and wildlife species and newcomers wanting to grow your skills with non-domestics. We are developing a collection of interesting cases each month to test your skills. We will disseminate resources and opportunities to learn. We will act as a collective resource to share our knowledge and experience. We will support research. Our common passion of work with zoo, exotic, and wildlife species will be the foundation of our society.

We look forward to working with everyone. Please stayed tuned as ACVR further develops the ZEWDIS section on the website, to include a member-dedicated discourse section and options to purchase the society in the ACVR shop. In the meantime, the first ZEWDIS case of the month is published and available to all registered users. The ZEWDIS administrative page lists the inaugural officers and more details about our mission.

Eric T. Hostnik, DVM, MS, DACVR, DACVR-EDI

ZEWDIS President