President's Message

President’s Message – February 2020

Happy February! Time to pull out your best images of cats with Valentine hearts and bilobed gall bladders.

We heard your request for an easier path to get you to here, the ACVR e-newsletter, now called ACVR Insight. Hopefully you are reading this without having run a gauntlet of clicks, passwords and new windows and that it was embedded directly in the email that you just opened. It is also available as a persistent header near the top of your main dashboard page on the ACVR Website.

We are excited to see you starting to use the Discourse feature of the website for your questions regarding machines, PACS, software, cases and the like. We have also started private Discourse threads for certain committees and for Executive Council. This will hopefully help streamline communications going forward.

The Consensus Statement Oversight Committee (CSOC) is continuing its hard work and has compiled the data from the December survey regarding perceptions on the consensus development process. Thank you to everyone who took the time to answer! This is a new process and your input is very important to rigorously developing consensus going forward. CSOC are busily developing more specific questions on standard abdominal ultrasound examination and patient safety practices for radiation therapy. Please keep an eye out for these upcoming surveys. They will be distributed via email, Discourse and notifications on the ACVR Website.

Congratulations to Dr. Erin Brinkman, who has been nominated as a new Veterinary Radiology and Ultrasound Associate Editor. Dr. Brinkman will be replacing Dr. Kip Berry. Thank you Dr. Berry for your service!

Finally, a couple of reminders. For committee chairs, your reports are due in February for the March and April Executive Council meetings. You will be receiving a reminder shortly via email. For residency directors, a reminder that you will shortly be receiving your annual reminder for residency updates and applications for examination candidates from RSEC. All of the reminders that you might need are easy to find on the Events page under My Feed on the website. You will also find upcoming CE offerings, such as the Vet Meet Summer Camp in New Orleans and LADIS Equine Diagnostic Imaging Course and Lab in Irving in April.

Kate Alexander, DMV, MS, Dipl. ACVR

Classic case of Colonic Cordis