Dr. Robert McLear

Recipient of the ACVR's Distinguished Service Award in 2015

Dr. Robert McLear, Distinguished Service Award winner, 2015

Dr. McLear’s Achievements:

The ACVR’s First Examination Director

ACVR Board Certification Examination Reform

Preliminary Exam

  • Revised Objectives, replaced prior 6-­section exam objectives with more numerous and better defined categories.
  • Examination format went to multiple choice.
  • Transitioned from a 2-­day, 6-­section examination to an all inclusive 3-­part, 1-­day examination.
  • Engaged the services of a professional testing service
  • Used industry accepted criteria for writing and evaluating test questions
  • Entered existing test questions into data bank, establishing a repository of test questions
  • Developed a benchmark, criterion-­based test allowing solid and defensible examination statistics.
  • Incorporated the use of a psychometrician for analysis of examination results.

Certifying Examination

  • Developed standardized grading format, grading sheet.
  • Transitioned from view box and film examination to computer-based exam. Tested image viewer software vs. PowerPoint format.

ACVR Treasurer

  • Modernized ACVR bookkeeping practices and reporting
  • Oversaw, managed, implemented new practices during phenomenal financial growth of the ACVR
  • Addressed ACVR tax-­exempt status through work with IRS, tax lawyers, accountants.
  • Recognized conflict of interest with then-­established ACVR Treasurer practices, resulting in newly established procedures and oversight for the Treasurer position Accountant position added as part of office reform.

ACVR Treasurer and Webmaster

  • Synergistic relationship with Dr. Tom Nyland. Together, these 2 have worked tirelessly on every aspect of the computer-­side of our College.

“Rob has been actively involved in ACVR administration from the very beginning of his Diplomate years, itself a remarkable note. Rob stepped up to become our Treasurer, a position he held for 10 years. During this time, he completely transformed the position into the modern age of efficiency.”

“To me personally, Dr. McLear’s contribution to the ACVR Board Certification Examination is his most notable accomplishment. Dr. McLear was the first Examination Director, and along with Dr. Ian Robertson, the exam was transformed to a much more consistent and defensible standard.”

“Another aspect of Rob’s contribution that I would like recognized is his work with our website and everything to do with the ACVR’s transition to an electronic era, in tandem with Dr. Tom Nyland, ACVR Webmaster. Rob and Tom have worked seamlessly over the past decade and have been responsible for nearly every aspect of the computer side of ACVR business. What a team!”

“Rob became actively involved in ACVR administration soon after becoming a diplomate, taking on the role of treasurer in 2002, a position he held for 10 years. During this time, significant changes were made to streamline finances and improve administrative efficiency. I was a member of the executive council when Rob started his tenure as treasurer and it was immediately apparent that he had a sound grasp of the important issues facing council, and not just those pertaining to finance. Rob made significant improvements to the college’s accounting systems and investment strategies and recognized the importance of maintaining our tax-exempt status, ensuring our annual returns complied with all IRS requirements.”

“Rob became a Diplomate in 2000 and took over as ACVR Treasurer in 2002. He served as Treasurer for 12 years until he stepped down in 2014. During his outstanding service as Treasurer, he computerized all aspects of the bookkeeping and investment activities and put the ACVR on unprecedented financial footing. This allowed the ACVR to support the many administrative, grant, website, and meeting functions we have today.”

“While serving as Treasurer, Rob also served for several years as Radiology Examination Director. In this newly created position, he oversaw transition of all phases of the Preliminary and Certifying Examinations into the modern computer age. Defensible standards were developed for the objectives, question design and analysis. The Preliminary and Certifying Examinations now truly measure a candidate’s knowledge with justifiable methods.”

“In 2012 our new website was built and Rob has continued his Assistant Webmaster duties by overseeing our mailing lists (listserve), surveys and votes via SurveyMonkey, DICOM server, and the ACVR File Share capability. These are technically difficult jobs that Rob seemingly performs with ease. Rob has also helped integrate the financial aspects of the Treasurer duties with the website. This includes using 123Signup for dues collection and meeting registration and PayPal for payment of job listings, mail labels, Diplomate brochures, and Nuclear Medicine textbook orders.”

Dr. Robert McLear’s Letters of Support