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EDI Certifying examination for ACVR-DI Diplomates

As the EDI specialty is forming ACVR-DI Diplomates that have obtained their Diplomate status on or before 2023 are eligible to take the EDI Certifying examination.  After this time anyone wishing to become and EDI Diplomate will be required to complete an EDI residency program.



The ACVR-EDI Certifying Examination is a case-based examination delivered online. Candidates are presented with a series of cases covering a range of, anatomy, pathology, and imaging modalities, each case comprising a summary of the history and clinical signs, and diagnostic images as stills or videos. Candidates are required to list their observations and synthesize a diagnosis or ranked list of differential diagnoses. The marking scheme rewards candidates able to identify the major abnormalities, recognize their pathological significance, and express the likely relationship between the imaging and reported clinical findings.

Until 2021 the Certifying Examination for existing diplomates will comprise 40 cases (distributed based on the content outline) given in two 3.5 hour sessions.

In 2022 the Certifying Examination will be available to current diplomates as well as EDI residency trained candidates.  The format will be 72 cases given in four 3 hour sessions.

See the scoring rubric on the Applications/Downloads page.

Examination Cut Score and Scoring
The Radiology Certifying Examination is also a criterion-referenced examination (see above). This simply means that examinees are measured against an absolute standard of minimum competency, and not based on the performance of others taking the examination. This minimum competency standard, also known as the “cut score”, is developed from the following steps.

  1. Items to be used on the examination are selected based on the content outline and examination specifications.
  2. Examination questions will be graded by at least 2 Examiners in a blinded manner using the scoring rubric. Additional examiners will be used to score questions in the event there is disparity with the initial scores.

Names of candidates who pass the Certifying Examination are referred to the ACVR Executive Council, upon which a majority vote of approval will confer Diplomate status upon successful candidates.

Failing candidates will receive a letter from the  Chair of the Examination Committee detailing specific areas of weakness and strengths to aid in their preparation for the next examination.

FAQs regarding the Certifying Exam

If you have any questions please contact Stephanie Nykamp, Examination Director

2021 Equine Diagnostic Imaging CERTIFYING EXAMINATION (August)

  • The 2021 Certifying examination will be held on August 26th  at the Oquendo Centre
  • Should candidates be unable to travel due to the pandemic remote administration will be considered.  Please contact the Examination Director to discuss if needed.


Registration information: 


Certifying Examination Schedule

  • Session 1Session 2
    AT11:30 AM4:00 PM
    ET10:30 AM1 hour break3:00 PM
    CT9:30 AM2:00 PM
    MT8:30 AM1:00 PM
    PT7:30 AM12:00 PM