Instructions for Remote Administration

The ACVR DI and EDI Preliminary examinations are administered remotely with in person and video proctoring.

To aid you in the administration, we have provided the following guidelines to ensure the candidates have the best and most consistent experience possible.  The exam will be administered with a combination of remote (video) and on site (resident director or designate) proctoring.


Candidates responsibilities:

  • Identify a proctor for the examination
    • Who can proctor the exam?
      • Essentially anyone with whom you have no strong personal relationship (family, etc.) can proctor the exam.
      • For example:
        • A diplomate of any college (does not need to be an ACVR diplomate)
        • An on-site testing center
        • A staff member or administrator at your practice


Proctor responsibilities:

  • What does the proctor need to do?
    • Provide the password and a link to the images at the start of each exam session.
    • Ensure the testing space is appropriate and free of any external resources (textbooks, notes, etc.)
    • Stay in the room or be near by to provide support to the candidate if needed and call for technical support (ExamSoft) or other exam support (exam committee contact) if necessary.  If the proctor is not staying in the room they should check in periodically to ensure the candidate is okay.
    • Ensure the examination is uploaded prior the candidate leaving each exam session.  You will see a green screen at the end of the exam when it has been uploaded.  Please note that it can take a few seconds for the computer to reconnect to the internet at the end of the exam and occasionally the first upload will fail.  From the main dashboard you will be able to try again.
    • Verify they have no conflict of interest and will not provide content related assistance to the candidate.
  • Room requirements:
    • Please provide a room that is free from distractions and has dimmable lighting
      • If you are administering the examination for 2 or more candidates they can be in the same room but should be at least 6 feet apart and unable to view each other’s monitors.  In this instance it is preferable to have the proctor remain in the room during the examination.
    • What can candidates have in the room?
      • Sweater/jacket
      • Drink with a lid
      • Pen and paper – notes must be destroyed by the proctor at the end of each session.
      • calculator
      • ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones (not connected to a device)
    • What is not permitted in the examination room?
      • Reference materials
      • Smart phone or other electronic device
    • Computer requirements:
      • Minimum screen size – 13”
      • Single screen is all that is required.
      • Internet access is required to download the exam and upload the answers.
      • The software will lockdown the computer and block internet access automatically for the duration of the exam.
      • A webcam and microphone is required for the remote proctoring.
    • Mock exam
      • The candidates have access to a mock exam to take them through the features of ExamSoft. Please have them download and test this on the computer they will be using for the exam in advance of the test date to ensure everything functions appropriately.
      • The exams should be downloaded to this computer in advance of the test day.
        • Candidates will not have access until the password is provided.
        • Candidates will receive an e-mail when the exam is ready to download.


The format of the exam

  • The examination is given in two 2-hour sessions with a one hour lunch break.


On the day of the exam:

  • Examination start time is:
AT 10:00 AM 1:00 PM
ET 11:00 AM 2:00 PM
CT 10:00 AM 1:00 PM
MT 9:00 AM 12:00 PM
PT 8:00 AM 11:00 AM

Please note that alternate start times will be scheduled for candidates in Europe and Australia, so you are not taking the exam overnight


  • The examination password will be sent to the proctor the morning of the exam. Please provide this to the candidate at the start time.
  • The proctor is required to stay in the room or have the ability to visually monitor the exam (through a window, etc.)  for the duration of the exam
  • Once the session is complete the exam answers will upload automatically. Please verify the candidate gets a green screen indicating successful submission.
    • If the exam does not upload automatically it may be due to a delay in reconnecting to the internet so please try a second time.
    • Note that the video proctoring files can take some time to upload. Do not shut down the computer until the upload is complete.
  • If the computer fails/restarts automatically, please DO NOT submit the examination unless you are done. A restart code can be provided to allow the candidate back into the examination to complete their work.
  • If there are any technical issues please contact ExamSoft support
  • If there are any non-technical issues, please contact Stephanie Nykamp
    • 226-924-5862