Consensus Statement Oversight Committee

  • Sue LaRue, RO, Chair
  • Ann Carstens, EDI
  • Sarah Davis, RadReport
  • Allison Zwingenberger, Teleradiology, Past Chair
  • Ryan King, Ex-Officio, President Elect


Overview: Consensus Statements of the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) establish position statements and other communications related to the practice of diagnostic imaging and radiation oncology. Best practices for medical physics, DICOM standards, and related equipment guidelines may also be communicated in the form of consensus statements.

The Consensus Statement Oversight Committee is a joint committee with members from both ACVR and ECVDI that recruits and guides a subcommittee through the formation of a Consensus Statement.

Length of Term: 4 years

Number Selected: 4 members including the chair

Time Commitment:  ~20 hours per year