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The purpose of the Examination Committee is to create a robust and validated examinations. This includes writing, reviewing and validating questions for the preliminary and certifying examinations.

Length of Term:

3 years

Number Selected:

Examination director, Examination committee chair, Assistant Examination committee chair, 10 examiners.  Typically 2-3 new members are required each year.

Time Commitment:

After an orientation to the process writing questions for the preliminary and certifying examinations will be done by the individual examination committee members on their own time.  The number of questions to be written will be assigned in the fall of each year (typically October) and the assignments must be completed by February.

In February of each year the committee will have an in person meeting to review, edit and approve all the questions.

In June of each year the committee will have a second in person meeting to set the examinations for that year (2 certifying and 2 preliminary exams).

Following the administration of each Certifying Examination committee members are required to grade all of the exams.  This will occur in late August/early September (largest group) and early December (retake candidates only).  Grading the examinations will take 5-8 hours of your time and is done online so there is no need to travel.