Dr. Lisa Forrest

The Bernstein Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Dr. Forrest at ACVR's 2023 Conference in New Orleans, LA.

Dr. Lisa Forrest receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award in New Orleans, LA.
Credit: Jesse Vanderford

On October 26, 2023, at ACVR’s Annual Scientific Conference, Valerie Poirier took the stage to introduce and present the Bernstein Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr. Lisa Forrest.

Dr. Forrest is the first woman – and only the second veterinary radiation oncologist – to receive this highest honor from the ACVR. As a dual-certified Diplomate in both Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Oncology, she has made an undeniable impact on veterinary radiation oncology and diagnostic imaging. She has been advancing veterinary and human health for over 30 years, and has trained over 10% of the current veterinary RO Diplomate community. She has served the ACVR in multiple roles for over two decades.

Dr. Forrest’s Nomination Letter & Letters of Support: