In-Training Examination Committee


  • Lenice McCoy, Co-Chair
  • Lindsey Gilmour
  • Mauricio Solano
  • Elizabeth Riedesel
  • Tim Manzi
  • Raelyn Walczak
  • Ryan King, Ex-Officio, ACVR President Elect
  • Gabriela Seiler, Co-Chair ECVDI
  • Fraser McConnell, ECVDI
  • Katrien Vanderperren, ECVDI adhoc
  • Elke Van Der Vekens, ECVDI
  • Dagmar Berner, ECVDI EDI
  • Antonella Puggioni, ECVDI

Residents are auto-enrolled if they are up to date with ACVR/ECVDI Membership directories. They will receive communication using the email addresses they have on file with the respective colleges. Current ACVR and ECVDI residents preparing for upcoming mock exams can visit and attempt to login with their email address. They may need to click on ‘lost password’ to reset. Residents should follow instructions to download Examplify on the device they will use for testing.


The Committee mission is to collaboratively contribute to resident education and offer incentive to trainees for regular study throughout a residency program in the form of lowstakes, self-assessment examinations. Through these exams, the Committee aims to provide formative feedback to trainees and residency directors prior to high stakes examinations, improve first-time pass rates of theoretical/preliminary exams in the ACVR and ECVDI, and support residency directors who aim to optimize their training programs most efficiently.


1. Develop and maintain a shared database of exam questions and composed mock examinations for resident trainees and post-trainees of the ACVR and ECVDI.

2. Measure individual and aggregate trainee performance on in-training examinations

3. Provide exam performance feedback to trainees and residency directors for the purposes of formative assessment


10 members total:

1. 2 co-chairs (1 ACVR member and 1 ECVDI member)

2. 8 members (4 ACVR members and 4 ECVDI members)


1. Rotation schedule

a. The Committee will be comprised of rolling membership so that one or two members from each college are rotated off and new members from each college are rotated on every calendar year.

b. At least one large animal imaging specialist from each college will be included in the membership.

2. Call for replacement members in ACVR and ECVDI

a. New committee members will be solicited from the ACVR and ECVDI at large, and recent exam committee members and new diplomates will be specifically targeted for committee membership.

3. Conflicts of interest with exam committees

a. ITEC members shall not be concurrently appointed to exam committees in either the ACVR or ECVDI.

Time Spent on Committee:

4 year commitment for committee members 2 year commitment for co-chairs, who are selected from committee members who have served at least 2 years and volunteered for the chair position

Specific Duties:

1. Chairperson (co-chair):

a. General duties

i. Organize Committee members and incorporate new members annually

ii. Divide and assign tasks to Committee members

iii. Develop and maintain shared database of exam questions and composed mock examinations

iv. Communicate with executive councils and exam committees of ACVR and ECVDI

b. At the time of mock exams

i. Administer mock examinations to registered trainees

ii. Review and evaluate mock examination metrics to determine the

quality of individual questions and composed exams

iii. Score mock examinations

iv. Provide individual performance feedback and exam averages to

trainees and their respective residency directors

2. Committee Member:

a. General duties

i. Compose mock exam questions

ii. Review previously written mock exam questions and evaluate for accuracy and relevancy relative to the current syllabus/study objectives provided by the ACVR and ECVDI exam committees

iii. Review and evaluate mock examination metrics to determine the quality of individual questions and composed exams

Mechanism and Frequency of Communication by the Committee:

1. With trainees

a. Before each mock examination, the Committee will communicate with trainees regarding registration, expectations, and policies regarding the examination.

b. During the open examination period, the Committee will provide access information for the exams and advise candidates on time restrictions.

c. After each mock examination, the Committee will review individual and aggregate scores, evaluate exam metrics, make scoring adjustments for individual questions (if necessary), and release exam scores to individual trainees. Trainees will also be given the opportunity for confidential/secure review of the exam for educational purposes.

2. With residency directors

a. After each mock examination, the Committee will release individual and averaged exam scores to residency directors for trainees in their respective program.

3. With ACVR and ECVDI Exam Committees

a. Following preliminary and certifying examinations, ITEC will will seek

feedback from the ACVR and ECVDI Exam Committees regarding

candidate performance and topics with weakest candidate scores

b. ITEC will provide aggregate mock exam scores to both exam committees

once annually, in August (concurrent with reports to Executive Councils).

4. With ACVR and ECVDI Executive Councils

a. ITEC will submit a written committee report to ACVR and ECVDI councils twice yearly (February and August). Reports will:

i. summarize committee activities since the previous report

ii. answer any charges relevant from ACVR and ECVDI

iii. Provide aggregate mock-exam scores (once annually, in August)