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  • Dr. Matt Winter, Chair
  • Dr. Jessica Vallone
  • Dr. Dianna Stelmach
  • Dr. Bunita Eichelberger
  • Dr. Valerie Porier
  • Dr. Carrie Fulkerson
  • Dr. Anthony Fischetti, Ex-Officio, Webmaster (1)
  • Dr. Tod Drost, Ex-Officio, ABVS Representative/Executive Director


Overview: The purpose of the Maintenance of Certification Committee is to establish a mechanism for ensuring that ACVR Diplomates certified in 2015 or later participate in activities which will satisfy continuing education requirements as established by the ACVR.

Length of Term: 3 years

Number Selected: 7 members (1 chair, 3 standing members and 3 ex officio members)

Time Commitment: 15 hours per year