Program Committee

  • Tony Pease, Education Director
  • Keely Brewer, Chair 2023, New Orleans, LA
  • Shannon Holmes, Chair 2024
  • Jessica Vallone, Past Chair
  • Laura Chant, AVTDI Representative
  • Jaime Sage, CT/MRI
  • Erin Porter, LADIS
  • Beth Biscoe, Nuclear Medicine
  • Peter Noel, US
  • Robson Giglio, ZEWDIS
  • Anthony Fischetti, Webmaster
  • Janelle Witters, ACVR Meeting Manager
  • Libby Dietrich, ACVR Executive Administrator
  • Allison Zwingenberger, Ex-Officio, ACVR President
  • Michelle Turek, Radiation Oncology Program Chair
  • Ryan King, Ex-Officio, ACVR President-Elect
  • Tod Drost, Ex-Officio, ACVR Executive Director
  • Matt Cannon, Ex-Officio, ACVR Treasurer


Overview: The purpose of the Program Committee is to organize the annual meeting of the ACVR.  This includes identifying keynote speakers, overseeing abstract submission, and selecting co-chairs to organize the forum topics and image interpretation session.

Length of Term:  4 members serving 4 year terms, 3 members (co-chairs serving 1 year terms, and 1 ACVR-RO member (president elect) serving 2 years).

Number Selected: 4 committee members

Time Commitment: 40 hours per year (more for the committee chair)