Diagnostic Imaging Examination Eligibility

Standards for Admission to Membership Education, Training and/or Experience

To be eligible for examination and certification as a Diplomate in Veterinary Radiology, candidates must have training supervised by two ACVR Diplomates or one Diplomate of the ACVR and one Diplomate of the ECVDI in a program that meets the guidelines established by the Executive Council of the American College of Veterinary Radiology. Generally speaking, most candidates entering a three-year residency training program have had prior clinical experience as an intern or in private practice. Upon completion of a residency training program that meets established guidelines, the candidate should be qualified to apply for the certification examination.

Requirements for the Certifying Examination in Veterinary Radiology 

Section 1.   The following prerequisites must be met to the satisfaction of the Executive Council (2/3 affirmative vote by Executive Council) before any candidate is eligible to undertake any portion of the certifying examination in Veterinary Radiology.

An eligible candidate must:

a.    Have satisfactory moral and ethical standing in the profession.
b.    Be a graduate of a School or College of Veterinary Medicine accredited or approved by the AVMA, or possess a certificate issued by the Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG), or are legally qualified to practice veterinary medicine in some state, province, territory or possession of the United States, Canada, or other country.

Section 2.    Application to undertake the certifying examination shall be accompanied by the above information and shall be accompanied by an examination fee in the sum fixed by the Executive Council.  Applications must be postmarked by the deadline date determined by Executive Council to be considered.

Section 3.    Additional requirements for the certifying examination shall be contained in the By-Laws of the ACVR or its RVS.

Examination Requirements

Section 1.  In addition to the requirements above listed in Article VI of the Constitution of the ACVR, to be eligible for the Preliminary examination a candidate must:

  1. Have one of the following qualifications:
    1. Be in an approved residency program. All programs must be submitted to Executive Council  for approval by September 1 of the year, 2 years in advance of anticipated examination.  This may be a regular or alternative approved program.
    2. Or be a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging.
  2. Submit to the Executive Council a statement of his/her qualifications, and other evidence of his/her professional experience and competence.  Answer in detail a questionnaire presented by the Executive Council.
  3. Submit two names for letters of reference of his/her personal and professional competency, including a letter from his/her sponsor.

Section 2.   Certifying examination requirements:

  1. A candidate must satisfactorily pass the Preliminary Examination before sitting for the Certifying  Examination.
  2. Complete 3 month of clinical training in an approved program or be a Diplomate of the ECVDI who with one year of work along side a Diplomate of the ACVR.