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Resident Research Grant Award | American College of Veterinary Radiology Resident Research Grant Award – American College of Veterinary Radiology

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Four or more research grants, in the amount of up to $7,500 each, will be awarded by the American College of Veterinary Radiology to an ACVR resident-in-training for basic or clinical research in veterinary imaging or radiation oncology. Of these, up to two grants will be funded by the ACVR, one by the Veterinary Ultrasound Society (VUS), one by the CT/MRI society. Additional grants may be provided by the Nuclear Medicine Society, the Large Animal Diagnostic Imaging Society, and/or the Zoological, Exotic, Wildlife Diagnostic Imaging Society. The proposals should be submitted with the expectation of completing the project within one year of the award and within the proposed budget.

The application deadline is January 31 for funding July 1.

Research proposal submissions must be submitted electronically as a single zip file. Applicants should submit their grants to: The Research Grant Upload page.

Applications will be considered final upon receipt; there will be no opportunity for modification of the documents once submitted. Ensure that a written receipt of the grant is supplied by the committee chair beyond the automated response.  A complete proposal in accordance with the application guidelines must be submitted before the application deadline in order to receive consideration.  Incomplete proposals (missing documents, lack of signatures, etc.) will be returned without review. If confirmation of grant submission is not received, it is recommended that you follow-up to ensure receipt.

Proposals for the resident research grant should be prepared according to the guidelines of the application.  The proposed research will be evaluated on scientific merit, feasibility for completion, and clinical applicability.  A copy of the judges’ scoring form is included at the end of this application packet. To the extent that it is possible, these proposals will be evaluated anonymously.  Accordingly, please limit institutional and other identifying information to the title page.  No institutional or personal information is to be used in the body of the proposal.  One copy of the current curriculum vitae of both the resident and the ACVR mentor(s) must be submitted as separate documents along with the body of the proposal.

Please note that the ACVR will not support the costs of institutional overhead or capital equipment costs exceeding $1000. Faculty, resident or graduate student salaries will not be supported within the budget. The grant may support salaries of students or specialty personnel such as technician, statistician, or assistance with study design not exceeding 25% of the overall budget. The ACVR will also not support the costs of presenting completed research (including travel, lodging, or registration costs). Travel for the purposes of performing research can be included in the budget. Publication costs can be included in the budget if within the maximum award amount of $7,500. ACVR funding for a project will not be provided if the resident has received complete funding for the project from another source. Applicants will be notified of the success of their proposals prior to the funding date of July 1. The successful applicant(s) are expected to present the results at a future ACVR scientific meeting and to submit the results of their funded research for publication.