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Rounds in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (RIVDI) | American College of Veterinary Radiology Rounds in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (RIVDI) – American College of Veterinary Radiology

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Rounds in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging – RIVDI

  • Alex Collins-Webb, Chair
  • John Dwan, Assistant Chair
  • Mason Savage, Past Chair

We are excited to be restarting RIVDI KCC sessions! Our primary goal for these “Rounds in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging” is to provide fun, interactive access to preparatory material for the ACVR Certifying Exam.

WHO: Any diagnostic imaging intern or resident is welcome to participate. All residency-trained and boarded radiologists are also welcome to attend! RIVDI is free for ACVR Residents/Trainees. All others will be charged $50 to access RIVDI.

WHAT: KCC-style content. A Known Case Conference set (generally 6 cases, any modality) will be made available to participants ahead of time. On their own time, participants can practice interpreting cases in a timed fashion, to mimic the certifying exam. During live sessions, residents will be asked to volunteer to present a case, after which case outcome and relevant literature will be discussed.

WHERE: Case content and Zoom registration will be made available on ACVR’s Focal Spot. We are excited to be migrating sessions and content into Focal Spot, so please be
patient with us if the first few sessions have some glitches.

WHEN: Scheduled Tuesdays at 8:30pm EST/ 5:30pm PST. Sessions are anticipated to take 60-90 minutes. Click here to view the tentative schedule.

WHY: RIVDI was really great certifier preparation for us and is a great environment to learn and be exposed to new cases.

HOW: To register for RIVDI, please visit the ACVR Shop and purchase “Rounds in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging” to be granted access to the Focal Spot course. Need help registering? Take a moment to view the RIVDI Tutorial Video.

If you have questions regarding the registration process, or issues accessing the course, please contact ACVR Administrative Staff at


RIVDI has been a success in past years due to the contribution and help of many radiologists, who have shared their time and knowledge with the group. We would be delighted for any interested radiologists to be guest KCC presenters. All different types of cases, modality, and experience are valued! Please email me at if you are interested in presenting.

If there are any radiologists with a targeted equine, MRI, or cardiology interest, these may be especially helpful sessions leading up to this year’s certifying exam.

Many thanks from the RIVDI team!


Alexandra Collins-Webb – Chair, RIVDI

John Dwan – Vice Chair, RIVDI