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Rounds in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (RIVDI) | American College of Veterinary Radiology Rounds in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging (RIVDI) – American College of Veterinary Radiology

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Rounds in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging – RIVDI

These are virtual interactive case quizes and discussions structured to improve knowledge, training and exposure to different types of cases. These rounds were inspired by an ongoing and very popular initiative started by the ECVDI in 2018. While these rounds are geared toward Diagnostic Imaging Residents, this group is not exclusive and ACVR Diplomates, those interested in pursuing a Residency and other imaging-focused veterinary professionals are invited to attend.

  • Offered bi-weekly, Mondays @ 9 pm EDT.
  • 6 cases of various imaging modalities, made available as a PowerPoint quiz to residents several days before the rounds.
  • Participants are expected to prepare reports on the cases.
  • The quiz is not specifically graded, due to the large number of participants. Slide decks with quiz answers are posted after each session.
  • Cases are prepared by volunteer radiologists (both academic and private practice) with an interest in resident training.
  • A diagnosis and references are provided (similar to KCC).

ACVR Maintenance of Certification (MOC) credit is extended to radiologists who volunteer to prepare sessions.
Rounds are presented using Canvas/Zoom/WebEx, with an active chat room for comments/questions/exchanges. Each case is presented by a volunteer resident on the “hotseat” and feedback is provided in real time by the radiologist host/supervisor, who also answers the questions that come up in the chat.

Sessions are recorded for residents who are unable to attend and made available after the session.

Self-enrollment in the course is available here: . Once enrolled, you will receive emails detailing upcoming quizzes and conferences.

We are always actively recruiting ACVR Diplomates to present a session (MOC credit is given for being a presenter) – if you are interested in being a presenter, please contact Mason Savage below.

Any questions, issues or volunteering to be a presenter can be directed to Mason Savage at

Other extra-institutional training is available by other organizations (summary as of September 2020)