Shared KCC Database

Collated powerpoint presentations of Known Case Conference (KCC) from various institutions


Welcome to the ACVR shared KCC database. Here you will find cases sorted according to current exam sections (thorax, abdomen, musculoskeletal, CT/MRI and NucMed/Special procedures) and formatted to the past (currently outdated!) exam format for the certifying exam. An Excel table listing all cases in the shared KCC database is also provided.

The cases are available for viewing/download to any diplomate. Cases may be used for resident teaching, personal learning, and informal rounds (e.g. with practitioners, interns or students). Cases are not to be used for official presentations (e.g. CE lectures), publications, book chapters etc. without requesting permission from the original contributor.

Diplomates are encouraged to contribute cases to the database. An e-mail soliciting case contributions will be sent to the membership quarterly, but contributions are accepted year-round. Optimally, cases should be submitted via e-mail to Dr. Silke Hecht, Shared KCC Databse Moderator Submission of jpeg or TIFF images will be accepted if a contributor is unable to prepare a powerpoint presentation. Every contributor is responsible for anonymizing images and removing any sensitive hospital and/or client information. Signalment, history and outcome/diagnosis should be provided for any given case. Cases will be double checked for completeness and anonymity, catalogued and uploaded to the appropriate section of the ACVR shared KCC Database.

Disclaimer: ACVR is not responsible for the contents of the KCC database. Cases intended for use during the ACVR board exam are not to be shared.

Updated 1/4/2020 AJF


Case 42 - Thorax


Case 8 - Abdomen


Case 9 - Musculoskeletal


Case 32 - CT/MRI

Nuclear Medicine and Special Procedures

Case 16 - Special Procedures