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  • Dr. Federica Morandi, President (2)
  • Dr. Beth Biscoe, President-Elect/Secretary (2)

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in veterinary nuclear medicine. Veterinarians or non-veterinarians are eligible to join. Members must desire to advance the goals and objectives of the SVNM. American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) membership is not a requirement of the SVNM membership, nor does membership in the SVNM confer rights of ACVR membership.

2018 ACVR/IVRA Scientific Meeting, Fort Worth, TX.

We had a great meeting in Fort Worth on October 14-19, 2018! The Scientific Program, Image Interpretation Session, and Pictures can be accessed from the events recap page. The 2018 Nuclear Medicine Keynote Speaker, Eric Rohren, MD, PHD, presented ‘Future Trends in Molecular Imaging and Therapy’.

Dr. Andra Voges (R), Society of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine President, presents a plaque of appreciation to the 2018 Nuclear Medicine Keynote Speaker Eric Rohren, MD, PHD, for his presentation entitled 'Future Trends in Molecular Imaging and Therapy'.

SVNM Mailing List

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The ACVR Society of Veterinary Nuclear Medicine (SVNM) Mailing List is accessed by creating a new message addressed to the email address above. This list consists of all members of the SVNM. It is intended for discussion of any topics relating to NM. You are subscribed to this mailing list automatically if you are a SVNM Member.