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  • Dr. Peter Noel, President
  • Dr. Grant Middleton, Secretary
  • Dr. Adam Yoskowitz
  • Dr. Marina Mavromatis

The Veterinary Ultrasound Society (VUS) is an educational resource for the promotion and advancement of ultrasound in veterinary medicine. Membership in the VUS is encouraged from all disciplines that have an interest in veterinary ultrasound. Membership in the VUS does not confer rights of ACVR membership. ACVR membership is not a requirement of VUS membership.

2019 Business Meeting Minutes

2018 ACVR/IVRA Scientific Meeting, Fort Worth, TX.

We had a great meeting in Fort Worth, October 14-19, 2018! The Ultrasound Society Keynote was entitled ‘Ergonomics’ and presented by William Weadock, MD.

VUS Mailing List

[email protected]

Greetings and welcome! The ACVR Veterinary Ultrasound Society (VUS) mailing list is accessed by creating a new message addressed to the email address above. This list consists of all members of the VUS. It is intended for discussion of any topics relating to ultrasonography. You are subscribed to this mailing list automatically if you are a VUS Member.