35% Discount On All Wiley Books for ACVR Diplomates, Residents, and Friends of the ACVR Society Members

Wiley.com Offers ACVR Members 35% Discount Off All Wiley Book Titles!


Wiley.com is offering a 35% discount off all Wiley book titles to ACVR members. For ACVR members to take advantage of this special benefit, they will simply need to enter the promotion code SD254when purchasing books from Wiley.com. Access the special ACVR Promotional Page or All Veterinary Titles at Wiley.com. Members will also have the option of utilizing the discount over the phone by calling our customer service number and giving the code to a representative. Please Note: This discount is only offered over the phone/online, and not at conferences (Wiley’s standard conference discounts are 10%-20%).