Dr. Vicki Heffelman

I completed my residency in Diagnostic Imaging at Michigan State University in 2009. Since then, I have been employed as a private practice radiologist in a multi-specialty facility in the Phoenix, AZ, area and am now co-owner of our busy practice. We just recently opened a second multi-specialty facility in the Valley. I enjoy being active in ACVR, both in Societies and attending meetings. I served on the ACVR Program Committee, including as Chair, and now serve on the Consensus Statement and Grant Committee. I recently started a residency program and my first resident is now in her third year. As a private practice owner, I would love to bring that experience to Council to help ACVR grow and improve as it continues to serve all its members well. As a relatively “young” radiologist, I would look forward to serving ACVR in a larger capacity by adding my perspective and enthusiasm to Council.

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