Dan Cantwell, DVM

Dan Cantwell, DVM

Diplomate 1977


Purdue Veterinary Medicine alumnus and former faculty member at Purdue University, Dan Cantwell (PU DVM ’71; MS ’76), died on April 14, 2016 in Starkville, MS, due to complications from Alzheimer’s disease. After earning his Purdue DVM degree in 1971, Dr. Cantwell went into private practice in small animal medicine and surgery in Indianapolis and then returned to Purdue in 1974 to become the College’s first resident in radiology. In 1976, he completed his residency and joined the Purdue Veterinary Medicine faculty. He became board certified by the American College of Veterinary Radiology. Dr. Cantwell remained on the Purdue faculty until 1988. He left to join the faculty of the Mississippi State University, College of Veterinary Medicine, where he served as Director of the Animal Health Center and Head of Clinical Sciences until a few years before retirement. Dr. Cantwell also had a private consulting practice. He visited practices in Indianapolis regularly.

Dan enjoyed being a radiologist and enjoyed life. He was known for being impeccably groomed. Once a student came into his office and said, “Dr. Cantwell, can I mess up your hair”? We all had a good laugh. Dan’s wife, Anne, tells a story about Dan at a clothing store where he was trying on some clothes. He was checking out the fit looking at a mirror when a lady walked by. Dan moved a little bit and the woman screamed. She thought he was mannequin.

Dan enjoyed smoking a pipe, listening to music, playing pool, and was a hand gun enthusiast. He enjoyed a good martini. He would buy a jar of olives, pour out the juice, and fill the jar with vermouth. Then the martini would consist of two olives from the jar with the rest being gin (stirred, not shaken).

Dan’s illness was a long drawn out affair taking about 10 years of decline. Ironically, Dan’s father died of Alzheimer’s disease at age 68. Dan died at age 69. Dan’s wife, Anne, stood by him during his long decline. The last ACVR meeting that Dan was able to attend was at San Antonio. Anne was with him then to keep him from getting lost. Dan is survived by his wife, Anne; daughters, Ellen and Lauren (MD); and daughter (previous marriage), Sara. Anne and Dan had one stillborn child.

Godspeed, Dan Cantwell. May all of your images be free of artifacts.

Author: Dr. William Blevins