John (Jack) Manning, DVM

John (Jack) Manning

Charter Diplomate


John Patrick Manning received his DVM degree from Kansas State University in 1951 after which he was in private veterinary practice in Kansas. In 1952 he became Assistant Lab. Director at Jensen Salisbury Lab., Inc. until 1954 when he became a Veterinary Inspector for the US Department of Agriculture for a short time. Later in 1954 he became an instructor at the University of Illinois, earning an MS degree in 1958, at which time he was promoted to Assistant Professor. During his studies, he received specialty training in Radiosotopes and Radiological Health at the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies becoming one of the pioneers in Veterinary Radiology although his primary interest was Equine Medicine. In 1963 Jack was promoted to Associate Professor and Assistant to the division chief of the large animal clinic at the University of Illinois. During the 60’s he further developed radiology, gaining insight through interaction with MD radiologists at Carle Clinic, a local hospital. An active member of the forerunner of the ACVR; Educators in Veterinary Radiologic Science, he was granted Diplomate status in the developing ACVR in 1965 under the “grandfather” clause.

In the pioneer spirit, Dr. Manning initiated an equine ophthalmology instruction laboratory for 4th year vet students at the U of I in 1966. As radiology became more specialized and radiologists were added to the faculty at the U of I, Dr. Manning further developed his interest in Opthalmology. He spent a 6-month sabbatic at the University of Minnesota studying Ophthalmology in 1975 with ‘/2 time spent at the Veterinary School and ‘/z time spent at the Medical School. As Ophthalmology also developed as a specialty area, Dr. Manning remained part of the ophthalmology team (specializing in large animals) until he retired in 1985 although his primary interest and appointment remained in equine medicine.

Dr. Manning is survived by his wife Sy who still lives in Champaign, IL, a son John Patrick V, currently an attorney in agribusiness, two daughters Theresa Kolter school counselor and Colleen an assistant professor on the Law faculty at Ohio Northern in Lima, Ohio. He also has three grandchildren and a sister Catherine Gallay of Boston. Truly a “Jack of all trades”, Dr. Jack Manning was an innovator who had the insight to adapt “new” tools coupled with the desire for excellence in using those tools. People like Dr. Jack Manning paved the way for the specialized veterinary training and service we are able to provide today and tomorrow.

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